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Clog Gone Clog Gone

Four Good Reasons to Quit Using Caustic or Acid Drain Openers:

  1. Choking fumes from caustics can irritate your nose and lungs.
  2. Caustic drain openers can burn your eyes and skin.
  3. Poisonous acids are dangerous to have around the house.
  4. An effective, safe, clean smelling alternative exists.

Advanced technology powder works fast without harsh caustics or acids. Opens drains by quickly oxidizing organic clogs including hair, grease, soaps and other organics in plumbing lines.

  • No fumes!
  • Helps to eliminate unpleasant drain odors.
  • Regular use will help prevent slow drains.
  • Safe for all pipes, septic systems, pets, and the environment.


DE15C 1 Lb. 4 ounce (567 g) bottle
DE15N-BPI 2 ounce (56.7 g.) packet