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Drain Free Build-Up Remover Powder Drain Free

Contains unique special purpose microbes and enzymes to dissolve built-up soap scum, grease, bacterial slime!

  • Regular monthly use will keep drains, toilets, and septic systems free flowing.
  • Safe for all pipes, plumbing, pets and the environment.

Important! Drain Free™ Build Up Remover Powder contains bran as a nutrient and carrier for the microbes. This carrier will not dissolve. Just add lukewarm water according to the label instructions and pour into drain. If possible, allow the solution to stand in the drain overnight or for a period of 4-6 hours before using the drain. Flush afterward with warm water. Plunge the drain, flush and repeat if necessary.

DE10C 1 pound (454 g.) bottle
DE10M-BPI 2 ounce (56.7 g.) packet