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Odor Zyme Odor Zyme

Breakthrough technology gives immediate odor neutralization on contact. Microbial component digests the source of the odor over time. Super strength plant-based surfactant removes tough stains.

  • Penetrates wood to get at pet urine residues.
  • Effective against all organic odors and stains: pet accidents, vomit, spilled food and drink, spoiled food, human wastes, mold, etc.
  • Use on carpets, draperies, walls, floors, diaper pails, toilets, garbage cans, dishwashers.
  • Safe for wood, vinyl, porcelain, concrete, metal, painted surfaces, and most fabrics.
  • Ready to use. No mixing required.


Environmentally tested. Certified biodegradable.


CE12A 22 fl. ounce (650 ml) sprayer
CE12S 32 fl. ounce (946 ml) sprayer
CE12D 64 fl ounce(1.89 L) jug