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RV PRO 200 Holding Tank Treatment RV PRO 200 Holding Tank Treatment

The Secret to an Enjoyable

and Trouble Free RV Experience

  • Contains no formaldehyde, a suspected carcinogen with a primary route of exposure of inhalation. Formaldehyde also imparts a noxious odor to vent pipe emissions.
  • Contains no other suspected carcinogens, or formaldehyde derivatives (like Bronopol), no disinfectants, preservatives or micro-biocides which may harm septic tank functioning.
  • Contains no nitrates which may pollute surface water or migrate through soil to impact ground water.
  • Strongest, most effective product on the market- Guaranteed!
  • Proprietary natural odor neutralizer stops odors on contact
  • Microbial action breaks down paper, solids, grease and fat to make dumping easy
  • Selectively adapted microbial strains keep working even at most temperature extremes
  • Super strength double concentrate. 1 to 2 ounce dose treats up to a 40 gallon tank.
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RVP180B 32 fl. Oz. (946 ml)
RVP180D 64 fl ounces (1.89 l)
RVP180M 8 ounce (272 ml)