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RV-TEC Grey Water Treatment RV-TEC Grey Water Treatment

Most grey water odor control products on the market today contain disinfectants or preservatives. Disinfectants and preservatives cannot remove or prevent build up in drain lines. Disinfectants and preservatives can kill the friendly bacteria needed for proper waste digestion and septic system functioning.

RV-TECTM Grey Water Treatment uses special purpose enzyme-producing microbial strains and powerful plant derivatives to eliminate odors, remove build-up and keep it from coming from coming back. RV-TECTM Grey Water Treatment is safe for home, campground, and dump station septic systems.

  • Knocks Out Odors in Drains, Sinks, Waste Vents
  • Removes Drain line Build-Up
  • Prevents Grease and Soap Build-Up
  • Biodegradable
  • Safe for people, pets, and the environment
  • Aids Septic Systems in Homes, Campgrounds and Dump Stations


RV15B 32 fl. Oz. (946 ml)