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RV-TEC 100 Sensor Aid RV-TEC 100 Sensor Aid

Satisfied RV TEC™ 100 Holding Tank Treatment users call us frequently to brainstorm solutions to problems they are having with their RV’s. Over the past year we received a number of reports of stuck gauges that read full or partially full immediately after dumping. Some RV’ers complain they have given up even using the gauges and have to dump according to a schedule since they have no idea what the real level of waste is. Others are concerned that the gauges might be reading true and there is some problem that prevents all the waste from exiting the tank. Our staff also surfs www.RV.Net and similar sites to identify problems that new product development might solve. Interestingly, they found that RV.Net contained a topic on Black Water Tank Sensors which recommends several solutions including filling the tank with ice cubes and agitating.

The problem usually develops when formaldehyde, bronopol or other preservatives have been used in a tank. Since these preservatives do not liquefy or break down waste, they do not keep the sensors clean. If build up has occurred over a period of years of use, it will take a while for RV Tec™ 100 Liquid Holding Tank Treatment to remove the old build up. We put our talented R&D team to work and they came up with several possible tank treatments to solve the problem. Then we put the solutions to the test: we sent samples to customers who had contacted us. The end result of this process was RV-Tec™100 Sensor Aid™.


Sensor Aid™ is a ready to use cleaner featuring a proprietary blend of non-hazardous chemicals that are added to the holding tank, allowed to agitate, then dumped. As it works to free muck coating the sensors, Sensor Aid™ also lubricates valves and deodorizes the tank. Sensor Aid™ is compatible with microbial tank treatments and may be used to detoxify a tank that has previously been treated with formaldehyde, bronopol, or other preservative tank deodorants before starting up a microbial treatment program. It should be noted that regular treatment with RV Tec™ 100 in prescribed doses will prevent the build up on sensors from occurring in the first place.

  • New Special Purpose Cleaner Deodorizes Tank as It Works
  • Restores Proper Function to Tank Gauges By Removing
  • Lubricates Valves as It Works
  • Environmentally Tested to Establish Degradability Into Harmless Carbonate, Water & Oxygen
  • Formaldehyde Free
  • Compatible with Microbial Tank Treatments
  • Safe for People, Pets and the Environment

RVP140C Net Weight 20.5 Oz. 581g