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Unique, super-strength formula with exclusive SepTekTM technology. Efficiently digests organic wastes, paper, fats, bacterial slime and even hair! Keeps septic systems flowing freely naturally.

  • Stops odors and septic backup.
  • Restores clogged drainfields.
  • Safe for all pipes, plumbing, pets and the environment.
  • Label directions for treating slow toilets and treating clogged drain fields.


If you experience a back-up to your system in spite of proper maintenance and in spite of using the proper dose of Septi-FreeTM each month for 12 months, submit documentation listed below, along with name, address and telephone number to: Septi-Free Guarantee, 5600 W Douglas Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53218. We will pay your choice of double your money back on Septi-Free purchases or reimburse you for the cost of your pumpout up to a maximum of $150.

Documentation required for all claims: original purchase receipts; receipt showing date of last tank pump out (before pumpout for any current back-up) and inspection; documentation of size of septic tank from serviceman or municipality; statement of number of adults and children living in household. For details on proper maintenance of your septic system including industry guidelines for periodic pumping and inspection contact us for a copy of our FREE Maintenance for a Trouble Free Septic System booklet.

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DE14B 32 ounce (946 ml.) bottle